Health care must know the law of the body


Health care must know the law of the body

Lead: The human body has a “left and right rule” from head to toe. Understanding it plays an important role in our health.

There are no two identical things in life. Even the same person, from the facial features to the limbs to the internal organs, there are minor differences in the original symmetrical parts: the eyes and ears are actually different in size; the two longer legsThe length and thickness are different; even the internal organs are asymmetrical.

Nostrils: Many people don’t know that the two nostrils of a person do not breathe at the same time, but take turns in turn, about every 4 hours.

When people are in mood swings, they mostly use the right nostrils to breathe. When the mood is stable or sleepy, they rely on vertical nostrils. When they use the right nostrils to smell things, they often have a better impression on the smell. The left nostrils have strong judgment.To distinguish the smell more accurately.

For this reason, the grooves on each side of the nose are mostly different in depth, and the nose of the person has been biased to the left.

Consciously use two nostrils to alternately breathe, alternating to provide the same amount of oxygen to the left and right brains, so that you are full, and can help you to discharge a lot of waste gas and impurities from the bottom of the lungs.

The method is: use your thumb to press the left nostril, use only the right nostril to inhale slowly for a few seconds, then rotate.

The next time you drive into a traffic jam, you may wish to try it, which will improve your driving alertness.

Ears: The left ear is well-healed, and the right ear is well-talked.

The study found that there are divisions between the left and right ears of the person: the left ear is excellent for distinguishing the emotional sound, and the right ear is more for the words heard, because the information heard by the right ear is transferred to the left brain for processing.The memory of the left brain is better than that of the right brain.

Therefore, when listening to music, you may wish to put the speaker on the top; when practicing English listening, the speaker should be placed right.

When you are using your mobile phone, try to listen to your two ears. This will avoid the ligaments and joint discomfort caused by long-term lifting of your arms, and avoid excessive fatigue of your ears.

The brain: “open the bow left and right” the most brain.

The left brain is an intellectual brain, which is biased towards thinking in language and logic; the right brain is an artistic brain, thinking in terms of images and sensibility.

The left and right brains communicate with each other at a rate of 1 billion bits per second.

Take the chess, before every step of the game, the right brain is generally unconstrained, the East wants to think, the left brain decomposes to sort out a logical idea, and decide which chess to play next.

According to the survey, about eight adults around the world use the left brain instead of thinking, and the right brain is difficult to intervene and their ability is gradually lost.

If the left brain is overburdened, it will cause more than 20 diseases such as cold hands and feet, depression, migraine and stomach ulcers.

To ensure balanced use of the left and right brains, it is best to “open the bow left and right” often, some automatically when driving, manual shifts, go to work to go new, write with backhand.

In addition, learning new songs can help to expand memory. Learning musical instruments is a super challenge to the right brain. When doing simple calculations, it is best to use mental arithmetic, and to process and remember numbers is a good way to maintain your brain.

Eyes: The left eye is lazy and the right eye is diligent.

Studies have shown that people generally have a right eye larger than the left eye, and the right eye is used twice as frequently as the left eye. About 65% of the people use the right eye, 32% use the left eye, and only 3%.Both eyes are not divided into primary and secondary.

For those who use the right eye, 90% of the visual tasks are done by the right eye, and the other eye only plays a supporting role.

Therefore, many people’s myopia starts from the right eye. When reading and writing, you can properly hold your right eye and let it rest for a while and look at it with your left eye.

Face type: the most “disfigured” to eat partial sleep.

The faces on the left and right sides of the person are different in size.

The study found that the left-faced person has a right-brain coordination function with musical talents such as Mozart and Tchaikovsky; the right-faced person has agile rational thinking in speech, dance and sports.There are talents, some Einstein and almost all Olympic athletes.

In addition to the natural size of the face, the partial sleep will also cause this consequence.

When adolescents are skeletal, if they are prone or sleep in the longitudinal direction, there may be asymmetry between the left and right faces.

Some people like to chew with teeth and teeth, resulting in the development of the side of the masticatory muscles and chin bone, causing facial deformities.

If you want to have a well-balanced face, it is best to stick things with the left and right gears.

Hand: “Right scorpion” also has to practice left hand.

Most people have a stronger right hand than their left hand, but they have no left hand temperature.

The right hand is guided by vision, while the left hand is guided by feeling.

According to statistics, one out of every 10 people in the world is left-handed, with more men.

The two hemispheres of the left-handed brain are more alternating, making them smarter than ordinary people, but they are also easy to be emotional, prone to fire, poor autoimmune system, and prone to asthma, migraine, and diabetes.

Adults should use more hands that they use less, and some kind of “right-handed” can use the left hand to answer the phone, which can tap the brain potential.

For children who often make left-handed hands, parents do not need to force them to change their hands. When writing, they can help him to tilt the paper slightly to the left and the desk lamp to the right.Experts suggest that fitness should also take care of the balance of the body.

If the usual right hand is used in normal exercise, the left hand should strengthen the strength training. The old man can learn the “left book”, and the left hand can better practice the brush word. You can also use the left hand to shoot the table tennis ball and push the window with the left hand.

Feet: The test shoes are subject to the left foot.

According to a global survey, only one in a million people are the same size.

People between the ages of 20 and 50, the area of the left foot touching the ground is larger than the right foot, mainly supporting the right foot, and the right foot is doing various actions. For example, the actors often perform right foot performance, and most people like to use the right when attacking.foot.

People’s feet will be enlarged by 5%-7% at noon, and even expand by 10% in the evening, so the best time to test shoes is in the evening.

The average person has a larger left foot, so the test shoes are best based on the left foot. When you try it, you can’t just sit down. You have to wear both, and take a two-step look.

Other organs: sleeping on the right side of the five organs.

Not only the appearance, the relative size of the left and right sides of the human body: there is a liver on the right side, but a spleen before and after; the heart is left in the middle of the chest; the left bronchus is adjacent, and the right bronchus is thick and short.

Therefore, the person lying on the right side of the bed is naturally bent when sleeping, the internal organs maintain a natural position – the heart is at a high position, not under pressure; the liver is at a low position, the blood supply is better; the food in the stomach is forced to move toward the duodenum,Promote digestion and absorption.

In addition, if the body appears abnormal asymmetry, it may be a sign of illness.

For example, if only half of the body is sweating, be sure to be wary of stroke or bust.