Full table, green radish, no meat, vegetarian wedding, popular


Full table, green radish, no meat, vegetarian wedding, popular

Chicken, duck and fish stand on the side, green vegetables and tofu sing the protagonist, less spicy and greasy, more refreshing and elegant – this year’s National Day, a couple of wedding dinners, opened in such a vegetarian place.

銆€銆€The vegetarian wedding banquet is popular with the 26-year-old groom Wu Wu and the bride Zhao Haihui, who began to fall in love from college, and later worked with Jiangbei Chemical Plant.

During the National Day this year, the two attended a wedding reception in their hometown of Yubei.

銆€銆€”At noon’s wedding dinner, I still don’t dare to take the world’s big and big, and I don’t dare to eat only vegetarian dishes.

“Groom and Mr. Wu said that after all, there are too many friends and relatives who come to the party for three or four hundred people. They cannot “force” all the guests to be vegetarian.

Thus, the “vegetarian feast” was placed in the ancient dinner of the day.

銆€銆€However, the degree of “vegetarian feast” sought after by relatives and friends far exceeded the expectations of two newcomers: the original three-table vegetarian feast was temporarily increased to six tables – winter diced carrots, diced mushrooms, bright colors;Dry, fresh and smooth; radish carved, bean sprouts spring rolls, sauce mixed with lettuce. color, aroma, taste, and these vegetarian dishes also have an attractive “chicken name”: Kung Pao Chicken, spicy pork, crispyThe price of a table of vegetarian banquets is not as good as that of wine banquets, but the guests are full of praise for these specialties.

銆€銆€Why do new vegetarianism lose weight think of a special “vegetarian wedding party”?

鈥淭he vegetarian diet is derived from a weight loss program a year ago.

Mr. Wu smiled and said that he used to be taller.

7 meters, but the weight is more than 80 kilograms, seeing the younger ones quite a big beer belly, and from time to time being touched by friends, he decided to lose weight.

The slimming secret taught by a beautiful girlfriend is “more vegetarian, less meat.”

銆€銆€Therefore, Mr. Wu began to “get meat life.”

However, the green vegetable radish, let him only persist after four days, he was dizzy and weak, and his spirit was languid.

Fortunately, one of his friends who studied in Canada, specializing in nutrition, returned to him and recommended him the concept and method of 鈥渘ew vegetarianism鈥? admonishing him to be gradual.

Therefore, he gradually reduced the frequency and weight of meat consumption, and began to change “three 鑽?one prime” to “one 鑽?three primes” or “full vegan”. After half a year, he no longer loses more than 10 kilograms, indigestion, greasy anti-discard, etc.There are no symptoms, and I feel refreshed.

銆€銆€As the vegetarian diet was effective, the two decided to make the wedding dinner a “vegetarian feast.”

銆€銆€Vegetarianism is not a quit. Nowadays, there are more and more young white-collar workers who are willing to be vegetarian.

Ms. Gao, a military advertising business, accepted vegetarian life when she worked in coastal areas many years ago.

In her view, vegetarianism represents a 鈥渘on-polluting鈥?cultural taste and modern consciousness.

Tang Shabo, president of the Chongqing Chinese Food Culture Research Association, said that vegetarianism does not mean that meat is completely rejected at once. This is actually a misunderstanding.

The popular approach of the new vegans is to focus on vegetarians rich in nutrients and trace elements, supplemented by dairy products, eggs, fish and even a small amount of chicken.

銆€銆€A monk from the Huayan Temple Restaurant said that at present, the experience of white-collar workers has become more and more popular. The number of non-Buddhists who come to eat fast is increasing and tending to be younger.

鈥淓atly eating vegetarian food helps to cultivate self-cultivation, to quit smoking, to cultivate a light and peaceful state of mind.

It is understood that since the summer of this year, the passenger flow of Huayan Temple Restaurant has more than doubled compared with previous years.

銆€銆€Source: Chongqing Evening News, the imitation of braised pork, Shenyang, the rise of “vegetarian wedding banquet” bid farewell to chicken, duck and fish, radish cabbage to play the leading role, such a wedding banquet, can you accept?

銆€銆€A few days ago, the reporter found that some newcomers in Shenyang began to be keen on “vegetarian wedding banquets.”

銆€銆€Visit: Book a “vegetarian wedding banquet” to line up. “The wedding banquet in October may not be arranged, and I have to line up.

Recently, when the reporter consulted a vegetarian restaurant in Shenyang, the service staff apologized.

銆€銆€According to the manager of the store, there are already 50 or 60 couples who have held wedding banquets in this store. The largest wedding banquet has 18 tables, and nearly 200 people have eaten at vegetarian restaurants.

The main consumer groups are young and fashionable white-collar workers, but there are other people. “There were a couple of newcomers in the army last month.

“The imitation of braised pork, boiled fish, roast duck, and even shark’s fin and other leeks, tastes not bad, but the material is fungi, konjac and other vegetarian food.

Manager Sun said that the average price of a wedding banquet is about 400 yuan, about half the price of an ordinary wedding banquet.

銆€銆€Not only vegetarian restaurants have antique vegetarian wedding banquets, but ordinary hotels have also begun to do such wedding banquet business.

銆€銆€In a hotel hotel on the lively road, it means 鈥減roviding a vegan wedding reception鈥?and can 鈥渄ish the dishes鈥?according to your own preferences.

“Chicken stewed mushrooms were changed into Chinese cabbage stewed mushrooms, and Sixi meatballs were changed into four hi-meat balls.

The person in charge of the hotel said that after a couple of new people asked for a vegan wedding banquet in May this year, they began to pay attention to the business opportunities of 鈥渧egetarian wedding banquet鈥?

銆€銆€Source: Mr. He, the founder of China Economic Network Chongqing Vegetarian Network, told reporters that they are preparing to build a vegetarian association to encourage the public to understand vegetarian food, care for life and pay attention to health.