[People with constipation can’t drink barley red bean porridge]

[People with constipation can’t drink barley red bean porridge]

Usually I like to drink barley red bean soup, especially in the summer, let the barley red bean soup cool down, thirst quenching and refreshing, especially comfortable.

In addition, the barley red bean soup has a relatively high nutritional value, has the effects of removing dampness, strengthening the spleen, and nourishing blood and qi, and long-term drinking can greatly help the body’s health.

However, not everyone is suitable for drinking glutinous rice red bean soup. Patients with a cold body and a weak body should not eat it as much as possible, but is it suitable for people with constipation?

1, barley cold, pregnant women are prohibited from eating red bean barley porridge.

Pregnant women who are pregnant should not eat barley if they do not feel very humid, because barley is still cold, but red beans can be eaten. Use jujube, lily, wolfberry and other ingredients to barleyInstead, boiled porridge can also remove dampness, even with other effects.

In addition, experiments have shown that Coix Seed has an stimulating effect on uterine smooth muscle, which can accelerate uterine contraction, which may induce abortion.

3, barley can be difficult to digest, people with poor digestive ability eat less red bean barley porridge.

Coix seed contains high viscosity sugars, so eating too much may hinder digestion. For people with weak digestion and absorption capacity, try to eat less or not.

4. Patients with hyperlipidemia cannot take red bean porridge rice as medicine.

Although Ren has the function of lowering blood lipids and blood sugar, after all, it is only a health food and cannot be used as medicine.

Therefore, patients with symptoms of hyperlipidemia, it is best to seek a doctor for treatment, do not eat barley kernels for treatment!

5. People with less sweat and constipation should not eat more red bean porridge.

6, menstrual women avoid eating red bean barley porridge.

Coix seed causes coldness in the body, which is not suitable for long-term use. Therefore, women during menstruation should avoid taking it.

Ginger is warm, can relieve colds in the middle, and strengthen the spleen and stomach.

Note that you can’t add more ginger, it will make the porridge spicy.

If you want to add condiments to the soup, it is best to put brown sugar, which is mild in nature.

It should be noted that, in the postpartum maintenance of women, to drink red bean barley soup to remove barley, you can add jujube in it, jujube is very suitable for warm, spleen, and nourishing blood.

People with kidney deficiency can add some black beans to the barley red bean soup.

Because the black enters the kidney, the shape of the bean is very similar to that of the kidney.

People often say that beriberi is a typical hot and humid bet.

You can add crushed soybeans to the barley red bean soup and soak your feet with the boiled soup. This is a little recipe for treating athlete’s foot.

If you have a cough, you can peel and peel the raw pear into 1?
2 cm square small pieces, add in rice red bean soup and cook at the same time, you can moisturize the lungs, phlegm, and cough.

Learn to change the addition and subtraction of barley red bean soup, and use it properly can have a good therapeutic effect on most common diseases and complications in life