Casablanca time lost romance still


Casablanca time lost romance still

I am afraid that there are few cities in the world like Casablanca. Because of a movie, it is famous in the world, and there are not many movies that will make a small town that is not known to be like the fascinating Casablanca.

I once visited the early famous city, there is no trace of boredom, always its beauty, romantic emotions.

銆€銆€Casa, the white house Initially, Casablanca left the deepest impression on white, and the endless white color formed the main color of the city.

The name Casablanca means “white house” (for example).

The Casablanca people think that white represents sincerity and purity, so they like to wear white robes and build white houses.

銆€銆€Sometimes, the time goes backwards. “Sighing for a moment, sweet kisses are in the heart.

When the time passes, the truth will never change.

“This is the lyrics in the theme song “Times and Flows” of Casablanca.

The film was voted one of the “greatest love movies” by American film institutions.

銆€銆€The Moroccan almost told me in unison that although the film was not filmed live in Casablanca, the story did happen here.

The characters, scenes, and even details in the film are real.

銆€銆€With great interest, I have tried many times to find the bar in the movie of the year, but in today’s high-rise buildings, the modern city of Casablanca, I can’t find the old and dilapidated old shop anyway.
William friend told me that through the displacement of time, the bar of that year has long since disappeared.

銆€銆€But in the early 1970s, a Saudi Arabian rich man built a luxurious five-star hotel on the original site of the bar, according to the film’s narrative, and set up a 鈥淐asablanca鈥?in the hotel.The theme bar, its size, furnishings and creation atmosphere is similar to the “Rick Nightclub” in the film. The difference is that there is a projector inside, which is full of movie stills of “Casablanca”.

From time to time in the bar, the song “Times Flow” is played, which makes people feel like they are back in the movie.

銆€銆€When she entered the bar, she saw the black actor playing Uncle Sam in the film. Like the same year, she sat on the piano and played the song “Times Flow”, and a black hat was worn by the bar.Beige trench coat, like the actor of the leading actor, Humphrey Bogart.

At this time, Tioman only felt that the Kun Kun was spinning, and the time went by. The old scene seemed to reappear, but she knew that Bao Jia was no longer alive.

Since then, a generation of stars, Tioman, has died.

銆€銆€Revisiting the love story in the film Today, the owner of the bar has been replaced by a famous Moroccan monopoly Mr. Omer.

If you are interested, spend 30 dirhams (about 3 US dollars) to sit here and relax with a cup of authentic Moroccan coffee.

I saw several couples of different skin colors in this bar, ignoring love in the antique sofa, as if relive the love story in the film.

銆€銆€The waiter at the bar told me that in addition to the general tourists, there are many world celebrities, such as former US President Carter, Muhammad Ali, Prince of Saudi Arabia, and Gaddafi’s son.

The business of the hotel is also good. Except for Ramadan, it is usually full. If you don’t book in advance, there is no room at all. This is all the blessing of the movie Casablanca.